Sunday, 2 September 2012

A long overdue update & blog makeover!


Long time no blog I know, you may remember me as "Beauty by Sarah Leanne,", yes I've changed my URL! I wanted something that would cover fashion and lifestyle so that I didn't just get to write about beauty, however much I love it, it can get a bit superficial at times. I am now "Beauty, books and fairy dust" :) Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me over the summer, I haven't been blogging much. I would say I have been busy. But my summer has consisted mostly, of being lazy and getting jobs done.

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& I went backstage at some concerts! 
Here are a few photos I took...
The sister and I. #weirdfaces

I met one direction! I will be giving away a signed photo on my magazine Gossip Candy. Follow us on twitter for details nearer the time. @GossipCandyMag

Watching 1D front of stage!

Joel from Lawson and I :)

The lovely Wretch 32 (he recognised me ahhhhhh #fangirl)

To see how I manage to get backstage and all my reviews on the gigs I went to, check out the Gossip Candy website linked above :)

 What do you guys think of my new header? I designed it myself...on paint. How fancy. Hahaha. I'm no paint shop genius or whatever you kids are using to design blogs these days... so I just spent five minutes and voila.


And after...

How are you guys anyway? If you follow me on twitter @misssarahleanne you will know the purple hair is no longer! Gahh, I miss it already :( But we had a new bathroom and I was sick of having purple stained sheets and a purple stained face. I'm back blonde. Brassy. But blonde. I shall be doing a post on my hair very soon.

I got my results!! For those of you who stuck by me through my exams and even read my exam posts, here they are! The hard work finally paid off :) Now off to sixth form! I am studying biology, chemistry, spanish and maths for any of you who were wondering.
I shall get on and stop procrastinating. Tomorrow is my first day at sixth form and I haven't got anything done. My mum's cooking shepherds pie aswell. My belly is calling me.

Bye for now! See you soon :)