Friday, 20 April 2012

Revision tips and BRB! :)

Hi lovelies!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted a lot recently :( I have 9 GCSE exams left before I finish secondary school (high school in America) so have had to bury myself in revision. I thought I would take a break tonight and do a revision tips post for all you fellow exam sufferers :) Hope you all enjoy, Sarah xxx

I will be staying off my blog for a while, :'( but you might get the odd post! My last exam is June the 18th and from then on I will be blogging EVERY DAY in the summer :')

ps. If you're last minute revising/cramming scroll down for my tips on that :)

It's all in the preparation....
Sleep :)
Before you are going to revise make sure you get plenty of sleep. An average person needs 8 hours, so make sure you get yours! Without sleep you aren't going to retain any information so it makes revision pointless!

Eat :)
I know a lot of us girls are self concious when it comes to weight, but exams are no time for dieting! Allow yourself to eat as much as you want, make sure you get plenty of fruit and veg to prevent getting run down before the exams.

Plan :)
I know it's hard to plan in advance, because if you're reading this you're probably panic-googling at 4am in the morning. Plan as much as you can and don't forget to plan in little treats to reward yourself with :) I have a laminated piece of paper I use as a whiteboard to count how many days I have left till each exam:

Buy the right equipment!
I have always bought the right books that condense the stuff I need to know for my exam board. It saves a lot of time and although they can be costly, your education is an investment - indulge!

Things to buy:
♥ Books
♥ Brightly coloured pens
♥ Flashcards
♥ Folders for organising
♥ Post-it-notes (specifically pagemarkers!)

Actual revising
I have found that I revise best by making notes and visualising things, so that is what I tend to do. Different subjects require different things, for example, for my spanish listening exam I have downloaded lots of past exams to listen to on my iphone when I am out and about. Some people find it easier to revise in a tidy environment, I on the otherhand like it so I can see everything I need to, which means my room is a pig stye most of the time! Haha.

For my sciences, I tend to make posters, here is some I am working on atm:

Don't let things distract you! :) But remember to take regular breaks! Some people work best with music or working with a partner, I tend to work best on my own, in quiet whilst eating :P Here are some of my snacks:

Last minute cramming

For some people last minute cramming doesn't work because they panic. I on the otherhand am usually cramming like hell the night before each exam. But I have problems with my long term memory so that's probably why! If you are cramming, here's a BIG HUG and keep working hard! I like to cram in comfy clothes and get in a comfortable position before you start. Make sure you have lots of coffee, rest and most of all.... CAKE!

Try not to get too stressed, exams aren't the end of the world, you can only do your best :) Good luck! Hugs
I hope I have helped, if not and you're now depressed, here's something that made me laugh:


PS I know this may seem geeky to half of you, but I actually try hard and want to do well in my exams, so no hating please!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hair update :)

Hi lovelies! Just a quick post to show you my new hair.

From this....

It then faded out to this and I had it cut into a Jessie J-esque bob...
I then used La Riche Directions in Plum...

To  get this... (sorry about the light, I was rushing to get to the concert :) It does look much brighter in day light outside, I'll try and get some better pictures soon, but here they are for now :) The dye worked REALLY well although it says it takes better on bleached hair. I am so excited to try out the different colours! The only thing was it stained the bathroom, the shower curtain, the towels and my bed sheets and I'm pretty neat with hair dying, so you better be careful. (oops :P ) Don't get it on your skin it doesn't come off! Haha.

Lovely photo bombing from my little sister there :') Hahahaha.

My mum and I at Leeds O2 academy for Emeli Sande. 
Overall, I'm really happy with the result, it doesn't show how purple it is on camera :( but I love it! What colour do you think suits me best? And what colour should I go next? Opinions in the comments please :D
Here are some pics of the concert if you're interested :D 

The concert was amazing! 
Here's a better pic of my hair. I think it really expresses my personality now I love it :) I'll probably be another colour by next month though! Haha.

Hope you all like it, don't worry I'll go back blonde eventually :) Until next time,
Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx