Tuesday, 27 March 2012

HAUL! :) leopard print, hot pink and beauty bits

Hi lovelies!
Sorry for not posting in over a week and a half, I have been sooo busy literally working all day, every day.  Not long till exams are over though :) Anyway, today when I went to Leeds for an appointment, I had half an hour in primark and got a few bits so I thought I would do a post on some items I have hauled in the past month. These weren't all from the same shopping trip don't worry. Although I am a bit of a shopaholic, I seem to have done well this month and not bought too much stuff. yay haha :D

First up is a set my mum gave me. She got it free after spending £12 on max factor products in boots. Here's what it included :)


(in intense plum)

(in disco pink)

Next up is a dry shampoo for brown hair, so far I am not impressed, went to touch it and looked like I had dipped my hands in mud. But I'll wait a while and do a proper review soon :) (£0.99 from superdrug).

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in transparent (LOVE IT)

Kate moss lasting finish lipstick in shade 04. LOVE the colour of this, very out of my comfort zone though, tends to bleed a lot. I'm planning on wearing it to the Emeli Sande concert I'm going to soon though, so will post a picture then :)

The last thing from superdrug is a pure astringent toner. This is my favourite toner for oily skin! Every other toner doesn't help my skin at all. This is on offer at the moment down from £3.93 to £2.93 I think. 

My hair has been fading rapidly :( I loved the purple colour aswell. It's faded to a washed out red with blonde bits peeking through. AHH :( I'm going to get my hair cut on Saturday and then dye it again hopefully (dye is shown below) so I thought I best get a colour protect shampoo. Not too keen on this one yet, seems to lather to well to be good for your hair -.- Oh well, I'll post a review of that soon too :)

This is the dye I am going to use this weekend hopefully. It's only semi permanent, but I've heard they're really vibrant. I'll do a review sometime next week and link it here once it's up :) It's la riche directions in plum. 

First up for clothing is this hot pink pair of jeans. I am really into coloured jeans at the moment and absolutely love these pink ones. I bought them from Tesco. They are usually £14 but I had a 20% discount code (it's run out now unfortunately though) so it ended up costing be only £11.20! Bargain! (Sorry they're creased I wore them today :P )

 The skinny belt with them is one of the two things I bought from Primark today, they were slipping down a bit when I was walking, so I went to the belt section and found this beauty. As you may know by now I am a bit leopard print obsessed and this was only £2 so I had to get it...

Now I don't usually buy shorts because I hate my legs but the weather today (it was gorgeous in England) persuaded me to buy some anyway. These were from primark, £10 and they're leopard print! I'll have to get waxing and tanning before I can pull of those though.. haha.

Hope you're having a lovely day x Enjoy the weather while you can if you're in England :)
Sarah xxxxxx