Saturday, 10 March 2012

GOSSIP GIRL STYLE WEEK #3 - Serena Van Der Woodsen night time looks :)

Serena has two main nightime looks, 1. really short dresses that show off her flawless legs and 2. low cut flowing maxi dresses. For this reason I am going to be doing two night time looks for Serena.

1. I could imagine Serena wearing this on a night out or for a restaurant date. The plunging neckline is very like some of Serena's other dresses and she loves her LBD's. Plus the peplum cut will add curves in all the right places and is so on trend for spring. I have done a whole separate post on peplum dresses here.


2. Finding a maxi dress from the high street that I think Serena would wear for a night out has proved near impossible. This look is more expensive than the first, so I would only wear these things for something really special like prom for instance. Hope you like it! Please comment with your opinion :)

Link to my Vanessa looks

Friday, 9 March 2012

GOSSIP GIRL INSPIRED STYLE WEEK #2 - Serena Van Der Woodsen day look :)

Serena's style is very feminine and girl-next-door. She almost always manages to look effortlessly beautiful, usually shown with an oversized bag and minimal accessories. Today's post is going to be what I think Serena would wear from the british high street in the daytime.


The look I have chosen for Serena is very neutral, natural and glamourous. It is perfect for spring with the pastel pink dress and beige shoes. I could just imagine her wearing this for a day out shopping in New York with Blair. Please comment on what you think of the outfit! :)

Maxi dress - £39 Dorothy Perkins
Denim jacket - £24.99 New Look
Wedges - £24.99 New Look
Studded bangles - £6.99 New Look
Bag - £60 Topshop

Thursday, 8 March 2012

GOSSIP GIRL INSPIRED STYLE WEEK #1 - Vanessa day & night time looks

As some of you already know, I LOVE Gossip Girl. So I thought I would do a new blog post series on how to get some of the characters styles. Today's is Vanessa aka Jessica Szohr 's style. As you can see, it is very hippie, bohemian chic and casual. I have shopped around on the highsreet and come up with both a daytime and a nightime look which I think Vanessa would wear. Hope you all enjoy. :) Comment with your opinion and requests for any more characters - Sarah xxxxx

Daytime: I absolutely LOVE these shoes, I have paired them with pale pastel colours as they are on trend for Spring 2012 and I thought they complimented the bright orange on the shoes really well.

Floral print jeans - £40 River Island
Orange and floral wedges - £24.99 New Look
Pink shirt - £16.99 New look

Night time: I would never have the confidence to wear this outfit, but with vanessa's lovely tanned skin and glossy black hair I think she would look amazing in this. I have fallen in love with this outfit for her! This is definitely my favourite look out of the two :)

Shoes - £34.99 - Missguided

Playsuit - £35 - River Island

Bag - £30 River Island @ Asos

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rave review: MUA (makeup academy) heaven and earth palette review :)

Hi girlies! 
I have been waiting to do this review for a while now and was going to wait until I bought a new palette, this one is kinda messy (sorry) 0:) But as they are on offer at the moment, I didn't want any of you to miss out on this bargain. MUA, also known as makeup academy are a budget makeup brand that sell online and in selected superdrug stores. MUA is probably my favourite brand - ever. They are SO cheap and really good quality products. 

Their heaven and earth palette is my favourite product. It is a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay's naked palette, which I have been wanting for AGESSSS, but it is so expensive I haven't got round to buying it yet. The palette features all neutral shades, so is perfect for both beginners and experts. At a meer £4 it is a steal! But... at the moment they have £1 off on Superdrug online with FREE DELIVERY. SO IT'S ONLY £3. Quick grab one while you can :) I have purchased another one for my 12 year old sister. Comment if you have decided to buy it and tell me which shade is your favourite. Mine is the second row, third one in from the left! :)

^ Swatches of top row, left to right is swatched on my hand right to left. (yes I like to do things the complicated way, sorry) lol :)

^ Swatches of bottom row, left to right pictured left to right on my arm.

 Disclaimer: I do not get paid if you click on this link. I purchased this palette with my own money.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

OOTD: purple geek chic :)

Hi everyone! Here is an OOTD from Tuesday, I went to Leeds hospital and then shopping, so needed something comfortable. Hope you like it :)

Cardigan: random stall at Clothes Show Live 2011 - £12
Dress : On sale @ Tesco - £5
Trousers: Recent purchase at Tesco - £16
Moccasin shoes: Also recent purchase at Tesco - £12.50
Watch: On sale in New look Leeds ages ago - £3

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