Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hair update :)

Hi lovelies! Just a quick post to show you my new hair.

From this....

It then faded out to this and I had it cut into a Jessie J-esque bob...
I then used La Riche Directions in Plum...

To  get this... (sorry about the light, I was rushing to get to the concert :) It does look much brighter in day light outside, I'll try and get some better pictures soon, but here they are for now :) The dye worked REALLY well although it says it takes better on bleached hair. I am so excited to try out the different colours! The only thing was it stained the bathroom, the shower curtain, the towels and my bed sheets and I'm pretty neat with hair dying, so you better be careful. (oops :P ) Don't get it on your skin it doesn't come off! Haha.

Lovely photo bombing from my little sister there :') Hahahaha.

My mum and I at Leeds O2 academy for Emeli Sande. 
Overall, I'm really happy with the result, it doesn't show how purple it is on camera :( but I love it! What colour do you think suits me best? And what colour should I go next? Opinions in the comments please :D
Here are some pics of the concert if you're interested :D 

The concert was amazing! 
Here's a better pic of my hair. I think it really expresses my personality now I love it :) I'll probably be another colour by next month though! Haha.

Hope you all like it, don't worry I'll go back blonde eventually :) Until next time,
Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx

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