Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rave review: MUA (makeup academy) heaven and earth palette review :)

Hi girlies! 
I have been waiting to do this review for a while now and was going to wait until I bought a new palette, this one is kinda messy (sorry) 0:) But as they are on offer at the moment, I didn't want any of you to miss out on this bargain. MUA, also known as makeup academy are a budget makeup brand that sell online and in selected superdrug stores. MUA is probably my favourite brand - ever. They are SO cheap and really good quality products. 

Their heaven and earth palette is my favourite product. It is a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay's naked palette, which I have been wanting for AGESSSS, but it is so expensive I haven't got round to buying it yet. The palette features all neutral shades, so is perfect for both beginners and experts. At a meer £4 it is a steal! But... at the moment they have £1 off on Superdrug online with FREE DELIVERY. SO IT'S ONLY £3. Quick grab one while you can :) I have purchased another one for my 12 year old sister. Comment if you have decided to buy it and tell me which shade is your favourite. Mine is the second row, third one in from the left! :)

^ Swatches of top row, left to right is swatched on my hand right to left. (yes I like to do things the complicated way, sorry) lol :)

^ Swatches of bottom row, left to right pictured left to right on my arm.

 Disclaimer: I do not get paid if you click on this link. I purchased this palette with my own money.

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  1. I have this :), i'm not sure which is my fave shade thou. I'm nipping into Cardiff soon to get more of their palettes, as it's a bigger store. I also have the immaculate collection palette which i nearly enough use on a daily basis.
    Free delivery on the Superdrug site oooh that's good normally you have to spend over £25 to get it free. Loving the post hun xx