Saturday, 3 March 2012

MY NEW PURPLE HAIR! Scwarzkopf palette intensive cream colour shade 880 Black Violet review :)

Hi lovelys! Just a quick post on my new purple hair! 
I went from platinum blonde (before and after pictures below) to a plum colour. I used Schwarzkopfs palette intensive cream colour in the shade 880 Black Violet. It was a massive change but it's growing on me. I love how it looks in sunlight but in the dark it looks almost black. My hair is very porous which basically means it takes really quickly to colour and fades really fast, so this isn't necessarily going to work on you how it worked on my hair.


First of all I cut a bit of my hair from the back and then selotaped it together. I then tried the dye on here and once I was happy with the result, I started on my full head.

My mum applied the dye for me and she really liked how easy it was to apply. She said it didn't leave my hair totally unmanageable like most dyes do. The only complaint she had was that you had to really work it into the hair and due to this I have a few small blonde bits left in my hair that will need going over in a few weeks. But for a massive change, I think my mum did a pretty good job :) WELL DONE MUM!

The dye also came with a macadamia oil conditioner - I HAVE OFFICIALLY FALLEN IN LOVE! I have never tried anything with macadamia oil so I didn't know what to expect, but this left my hair so conditioned and the smell was LUSH! It smelt like those little apricot fromage frais, haha. I am definitely going to try some more macadamia oil products, but for the price of £3.49 I am genuinely considering buying one every now and then for the conditioner sachet! Lol.

Sorry for the glasses, I was studying. Also sorry for the messy room, its been hectic this week! :)
As you can see, it went very dark, it looks lighter than it is here. As soon as I can get a better pic in daylight I will update and put a link here. 
It looks very very shiny considering my hair was so damaged already.

My whole makeup is going to have change though! I look so washed out. Definitely need a tidier haircut aswell, I can't get away with not having it cut regularly when I have dark hair. 

What do you all think? Do you think I should get it cut back into a long bob? Or just get it trimmed? Please comment :)

Hope you are all having the best day! Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx


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    1. awww thankyou! :D and it's okay, I haven't seen it lol :) hope you're having a lovely day! Thanks for commenting xxxxxxx