Monday, 12 March 2012

GOSSIP GIRL STYLE WEEK #5 - Jenny Humphrey/Taylor Momsen girly grunge day look :)

Jenny has definitely changed the most fashion wise throughout the series. When we first meet Jenny in season 1, she wears basic clothes and hadn't found her style. She then evolves into a bright pop of colour, with a short choppy bob hairstyle. Since then she has grown into a woman, who now dresses mainly in black, with leather jackets and a rock n roll vibe. 

For Jenny's look I have chosen a LBD with mesh at the top which is a little daring, which I think Jenny would love. I have teamed it with a leather jacket to make it more casual and a leather bag with studs on it. The studs really add to the whole look and make it more Jenny in my opinion. To contrast with the black, I have chosen a pink pair of shoes from Missguided, which are basically a rip off pair of JC Litas, but the pink is so amazing I had to include them. 

Hope you enjoyed! Comment with your opinion! Tomorrow's post will be the final in the series, finishing with a night time Blair look. Links to my other looks are below:

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  1. I gotta be honest I think she has a slutty way of dressing, but she already sad that she dress like a high end hooker soo I gues she drees quite well for her style

  2. I love Jenny's style in gossip girl I'm a huge fan of the rocker look! Just joined your blog, check out mine!

    Xx Kelly

    1. Thanks sweetie, me too although I don't think I can pull it off, I wore a purple lipstick today and my sister said I looked like a vampire, I think it's my pale skin! haha. I have followed your blog on gfc now :) xxxx

  3. I am a total 'Jenny' fan!Great post and styles my dear!