Thursday, 23 February 2012

new you: saving money with the BEAUTY BAN! :)

I am going to be posting 2 more of these "new you" articles. Look out for new you: tone up & new you: eating healthily.

I have just watched missbudgetbeauty 's video on using up products. It reminded me that at the beginning of the year, I pledged to not buy any new products until I used up 10 full sized ones. I thought i'd do a quick post on how I am doing so far....

Links to missbudgetbeautys used up products -
blog post

1. I absolutely love this product so it wasn't hard to use it up! I have already raved about this in my current hair routine (see here).  - Herbal essences split end repair intensive mask

2. This is a basic I can't do without. It has lasted me absolutely ages, as soon as I have saved some money I am going to let myself repurchase this. - Collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer in fair.

3. Went through two packets of these. Good for oily skin & a bargain :) - Primark tea tree cleansing wipes

4. Not much to say, read my review in my current hair routine (here). - Touch of silver shampoo bodycare £2.79

5. I run out of these so fast! But they are worth the few pennies the cost. If you haven't heard of them then where have you been?! - Batiste dry shampoo in blush

Let me know if you are on a beauty ban in the comments! If you want to do this with me, tweet me @thatsmesarahlea and I'll be your beauty ban buddy :) Lol.

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  1. I am absolutely addicted to Batiste shampoo. I can't imagine my life without it! :) Worth every penny :)

    I hope you can visit my blog sometimes dear