Friday, 17 February 2012

My top 5 lip balms/glosses :)

Hi everyone, just a quick post today, so busy! Going to see The Wanted tomorrow so there should be an OOTD and concert post up on Sunday night. :)

My top 5 lip balms/glosses.

No. 5
Inecto pure coconut lip balm - Bodycare - £0.99
This is just a plain clear balm, but it is really moisurising and cheap so it does the job! I use this if I just want something plain on and aren't feeling like a lot of lip balm :)

No. 4
I love mango & papaya glossy lip balm - (Can be bought from superdrug although mine came free with an I love... gift bag from Clothes Show Live!) £?

This balm smells AMAZING! If I had to describe the smell I would say it smells of cocktails in the summer. Perfect for those chapped lips winter days - I love it.


No. 3
I love coconut & cream shimmer & shine lipgloss £?

This is another I love.. cosmetics product. This one came in the gift bag that the mango & papaya came in aswell actually. I know it's another coconut one, but I am a sucker for coconut smells! Lol. This one is kind of a dupe for no. 2 if you scroll down...

No. 2
Primark's coconut smashing, soft & dreamy lip balm - £1

This has to be one of my favourite products of all time! I have gone through like 4 of these now. It has a really smooth thick texture and makes your lips really glossy. It's only in primark now and then, which is annoying, but if you come across it, pick one up! It looks kind of yellow in the picture below, apologies it is pure white in person.


No. 1
Collection 2000, plastique high shine lip gloss in nude 20

This is my go to lip product and has been for years. I don't know where I originally purchased it, but I now buy it online because it is the only place I can find it. I used to wear nude 45 but this one is a nude 20. As you can see I have nearly worn it out, the name is all scratched off. I wish this product was easier to get hold of, but if you ever see it definitely buy it! It's awesome!


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