Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to get bleach blonde hair from Dark brown! - my experience

As you will have seen in my haul the other day ( http://makeupbysarahleanne.blogspot.com/2012/02/hauley-haul-haul-naughty-shopping-spree.html ), I bought some purple hair dye, which I am going to do myself at home next month. While I'm still blonde I thought I would do a blog post on my current hair...

I won't recommend starting to go blonde if you don't have patience, it took me a long while to get it to a colour I liked.

After going from dark chocolate brown to blonde, the first step was to get my hair stripped. You can do this yourself at home with kits you can buy from superdrug/boots. I went to my local college trainee salon, where they managed to get it to a orangey - caramel/brown colour.

I then had a full head of highlights. I wouldn't recommend getting highlights because it doesn't look natural and it left my hair looking very stripy. I then had highlights again and again due to a hairdressers recommendation. I shouldn't have listened to her in my opinion. (I haven't been to her since).

Before: (Yes I know I look orange 0.0 )

After stripping and full head of highlights x 2:
I waited a few months for my hair to have a break before dying it again. Eventually, I managed to get a strawberry blonde colour using Schwarzkopfs vital colours in shade 11 - light blonde. Here is a picture of the box, followed by what colour my hair turned out.

I then left it another few months until I made a big MISTAKE! I used schwarzkopfs live colour XXL in ice blonde. It ruined my hair! :( Not only did it make it feel like straw, it went orange! Bits of my hair was falling out in the shower. I spoke to my current hairdresser about it and she said it is known to reck your hair. If you are thinking of buying this - DON'T!

Yes my hair looks awful, sorry about the tshirt ;)

I then had to go into town to get some more hair dye so I looked acceptable. I bought nice n easy's natural light ash blonde in shade 102. I didn't even care if it went brown, I just didn't want orange hair. It turned out GORGEOUS. It went a really ashy blonde. Picture below. 

From then on I just used Live salon style in frozen pearl blonde to touch up my roots. Here is a picture of my hair now: 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post, a blonde hair care article should be coming up real soon. Any post requests/questions leave in the comments below :) 

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