Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hauley haul haul :) (Naughty shopping spree)

This morning I was bored, so I decided to go into town. BIG MISTAKE. I had a shopping spree yet again. The more you read of my blog, you will know that I am a shopaholic. Although saying that, the things I got today I needed for sixth form in September.  Here is the first thing I got:

"Pan Aroma Tin Candle - Cookies & Cream". I had a favourite gingerbread candle that was recently ruined, I was gutted! But then I found this one, it smells kind of like the gingerbread one, but smells much sweeter. I love it! Will let you guys know what it smells like once I have burnt it a bit :) - £1 from the pound shop ;)

PINK/PURPLE HAIR DYE?!?! I am currently bleach blonde (see picture below) and have been chickening out of dying my hair a different colour for ages! But I can't stay blonde forever (sadly) so have decided I am going purple in a month or so. I have never used schwarzkopf palette range, so I will write a review on it asap :) - Bodycare £3.49 each. I would recommend buying two packets, unless your hair is above your ears, then you can probably manage with one.

I am such a bag-addict. Most girls like shoes but I am definitely a handbag girl. Although I do love my shoes aswell ;) hehe. So I saw this in Dorothy Perkins for £12, I just had to get it. I thought it would be ideal for putting A4 folders in when I go to 6th form in September and it has snakeskin on it! I am a bit of an animal print addict, and I only have one thing snakeskin (pair of heels), so thought I needed a bag to match.

 The past couple of days, I have been borrowing my sisters clip (which looks like the one above) to tie my hair back out of my face when revising. I actually really like it twisted up in a clip like this. I saw this one in new look today for £2.99 so thought I would pick myself one up. This one even has little diamantes on the side - so cute!  Let me know if you want a pic of how I wear my hair in this in the comments below. 

I have saved the best till last... a frickin' leopard print collar coat!!! I saw one like this on a few weeks ago on sale, I managed to hold myself back then (JUST), but today I saw this in Dorothy Perkins for only £25 and I just NEEDED it. I have fallen in love with this coat. Words cannot describe how much I love it...

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  1. Great post! I love everything you got. The hair dye is such a pretty color too.
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