Friday, 10 February 2012

Andrew SH-arton review :(


The two products we bought were Andrew Barton's The Ultimate Blonde "Intensive mask treatment" and "Twice a week brightening shampoo". Recently I used up my herbal essences intensive mask (hair routine article coming soon) so I asked Mum to pick me another hair mask up. She was shopping at Asda online and saw this was on offer, down from £4 each usually, to £6 for the two. 

The shampoo claims to be "the ultimate in blonde haircare... shine, repair, great condition and the ultimate colour intensification. The intensive mask says it's "an amazing treatment for blonde damsels in distress" and is a "real power dose of intensive condition and shine." I can tell you this isn't the case!!

As a bleach blonde, I usually use purple shampoo's to get rid of any brassy orange bits. This is meant to be a brightening shampoo, but it didn't brighten my hair at all. It has no purple colour to it, it is cream and has a thick consistency.

I have very damaged hair as it is, after bleaching and heat damage. This shampoo literally made my hair unmanageable. I couldn't even get a comb through it! 

My mum doesn't dye/heat style her hair and she will use up pretty much anything I don't like, but even she thought this made her hair uncontrollable and straw-like.

I was very disappointed and horrified with these purchases and what they did to my hair! But I suppose you have to try everything once... ;)

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